Marriage & Money

I’m attorney Jonna Spilbor with your 60 second legal low-down. Smart financial decisions during marriage will make life a whole lot easier during divorce. Here are some tips.

One, when it comes to marriage and money the phrase, “What’s mine is yours,” isn’t always true. Remember that inheritance you got from grandma? That money is all yours baby, unless you co-mingle it with your marital property. If you don’t want grandma rolling over in her grave during your divorce, keep that inheritance out your marital soup.

Two, rule of thumb, debt that one spouse incurs while married is debt you both will pay in divorce. Might want to keep that in mind should one spouse be slapping things like the Botox, the boob job or the best man’s bachelor’s party on your credit card.

Three, hell has no fury like a disgruntled spouse who knows you get paid in cash. The number one source for IRS audits is the friendly tip of a soon to be ex, surprise, surprise.

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