How to Keep Your Head on Straight during Divorce

I’m Attorney Jonna Spilbor with your 60 second legal lowdown. If men are from Mars and women are from Venus when we’re in love, what happens to our emotions on planet Earth when we’re not? Here are a few tips to help get your head on straight during divorce.

One, don’t let your hurt drive the bus. During divorce it’s natural to fantasize about tying your spouse to a cactus and releasing the red ants. But don’t. Think of emotions like men, bad at directions. Sorry, guys. Point is, if you let your emotions lead in divorce you’re going to get lost quick.

Two, stop stalking your ex! When you search for crap, you shall find crap. Until you stop breathing fire, block each other on Facebook.

And three, remember that the goal isn’t to have a divorce attorney in your life for the next three birthdays, it’s to end one chapter so you can begin the next happier and better than you ever been. Trust me, you can do it.

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