Common Divorce Questions & Answers

I’m Attorney Jonna Spilbor with your 60 Second Legal Lowdown.

Planning for divorce? Here’s the short list of common divorce questions and answers.

One, can child support be paid directly to the children? Answer, no. Child support cannot be paid to the children because children, when left to their own devices, will spend the money on action figures, Oreos, and sometimes puppies.

Two, if my spouse left me for someone far less awesome than myself, am I allowed to punish my ex by doing intentionally irritating things for the rest of our natural lives? Sorry, no. The best “revenge” is becoming the parent your kids want to emulate. And,

Three, if my spouse never worked a day during our marriage, why should I be forced to pay maintenance? You’ll be forced to pay maintenance because your spouse never worked a day during the marriage. If you don’t want to be legally obligated to pay your ex, both of you better make about the same dough after you say, “I do”.

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