After Divorce Help

I’m Attorney Jonna Spilbor with your 60 Second Legal Lowdown. Don’t think that just because the ink is dry on your divorce, it’s all over except the crying. If you don’t want to get caught blindsided, broke, or back in court, think about this.

One, are you expecting a piece of your spouse’s retirement? Well, it’s not going to land in your mailbox by magic. Just because it’s in your divorce agreement isn’t enough to get it in your bank account. Taking the next step will ensure what you got coming, comes.

Two, if you’re divorced with minor children and you don’t have a Will, you risk having all of your fortunes land in your ex’s lap if, God forbid, it’s you that gets hit by a bus. Getting or changing your Will after divorce will keep you from rolling over in your grave.

Three, lying on a gurney is not the time to figure out that you no longer have health insurance. Avoiding code blue means taking care of all the red tape after divorce. We can help.

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