Divorce Is NOT the End of the World

I’m attorney Jonna Spilbor with your 60-second legal lowdown. When “til’ death do us part turns out to be entirely too long.”

The phrase “til’ death do us part” first came about way back when the average life expectancy was barely 33. Today, there are some things you can do after the vows to make sure the end of your marriage is not the end the world.

One, as much as much as you might hate math, do not let your spouse handle all the finances. Knowing what you have, is step one in knowing what you have to lose.

Two, don’t put depreciating assets in both of your names. Having to refinance the family Volkswagen so you can get Mr. Mc’cheater’s name of the title is a total pain in the– well, you know. And,

Three. Unless you married a bazillionaire, don’t quit your day job. Maintenance may pay the bills for a while but it won’t buy your sanity.

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