When Divorce Drives You Nuts

I’m attorney Jonna Spilbor with your 60 Second Legal Lowdown. Getting divorced can turn even the most sane people downright nuts! If you don’t want your friends to stop taking your phone calls during divorce, listen up.

One, don’t dredge up every rotten thing your ex has done over the years and insist that the world — and the judge — hear about it. Save that junk for your therapist.

Two, don’t let your ex get under your skin. Look, nobody wakes up, turns to their spouse and says, “Hey baby, I love you so much, whaddya say we call it quits?” When two people are in Splitsville you can’t expect the other to act like they’re still in love, because guess what? They’re not. And,

Three, for Pete’s sake, don’t take legal advice from your ex! If your ex is trying to upset you by talking smack about their so-called rights, ignore it. Having a lawyer doesn’t turn you into one. Shut it down, then call a real lawyer.

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