3 Great Reasons to stop reading your Ex's Texts

I’m attorney Jonna Spilbor with your 60 Second Legal Lowdown. If getting divorced has made you a code cracker on a mission, here are three great reasons to stop checking your ex’s texts.

One, sneaking into your spouse’s messages without consent could be far worse for you than for them. For starters, it’s against the law. Your marriage may feel like a prison, but the law could actually put you there. Back away from the smartphone.

Two, since whatever you find by breaking into your ex’s accounts is evidence that you are also breaking the law, you won’t be able to use these gems for anything more than target practice.

Three, suppose you find legit evidence that your spouse is on a dating site or spends a lot of time cooing with a co-worker, well, guess what? The court won’t care., not even a little bit. However, the court will care about your kids and your stuff, and since the buck pretty much stops there, so should you.

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