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*Note: Effective January 1, 2016, all credit card payments to Jonna Spilbor Law are subject to a 2.5% processing fee. The processing fees are NOT ATTORNEYS FEES, but are an expense collected from the amount you pay by the credit card processor. If you wish to pay your initial retainer, replenishment, or any other fee representing amounts of attorney’s fees due to the Firm, a sum equivalent to 2.5% of the amount you are paying will be immediately deducted as a cost, and the remainder will represent and be applied to the amount of attorney’s fees payable to the Firm. EXAMPLE - if you are paying $100 by way of credit card to the Firm, the sum of $97.50 will be applied to your account, and $2.50 will be reflected in your statement as an expense, entitled "Credit Card Processing Fee". All credit card processing fees are non-refundable. If you agree to be charged as described, check here (box). If you do not agree to the credit card processing fees, please contact Jonna Spilbor Law to make alternate payment arrangements.